Slot machine gamesNever before have slot machines been more fun and exciting than they are right now. With the birth of online slot machines has come a world of excitement and innovation. From the humble beginnings of those massive monsters to the sleek electronic designs that we have today there is nothing more fun than a slot machine. With their easy to use interface and stylish themes and designs there is a game out there for everyone just waiting to be discovered. There is no better feeling that being at the top of that bonus board just waiting for the jackpot! But just because some machines look better doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about the old style machine. One arm bandits are as popular today as they have always been even if they have had a bit of a make-over.

    And never before have slots been more accessible. Thanks to the increased power of mobile devices people are enjoying the fun of slots anywhere and everywhere.

    • Video slots - These are a more recent comer to the world of slots and reflect the computer age that we live in. Based more on the computer game style these slots offer a more interactive experience than more traditional ones. Did you know that the first true video slot was developed in 1976 and took Las Vegas by storm and the first video slot with a 2nd bonus screen wasn’t developed until 1996!
    • Casino slots - These are slots based on the traditional casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and many others.
    • Jackpot slots - These machines are often linked together to for progressive jackpots with every spin. Prizes can vary from the usual hard currency to cars and more. Nothing makes a game that little bit more exciting than having an amazing prize there for the winning.

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