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We have picked simple online bingo games for those of our users who are looking for maximum excitement and minimum difficulty. In these games, everything depends on your luck and the will of fortune. Keno, bingo, online lotto, and others perfectly match the name of the category. The player only has to make a few mouse movements to start such a game and, with luck, in a few moments they get to win when they play lottery online. No complicated rules and thought-out strategies.

Online bingo is an option for brave and demanding players. If you need to play here and now, if you do not want to spend time to learn complicated rules, if you like fast and uncomplicated games, then online bingo is the best choice when you plan to play lotto online. Lottery games, familiar to everyone from childhood, now may be really fascinating and profitable. Moreover, we offer you the choice between playing for real or play money. Our free online lottery allows new visitors to try playing for free before starting to play for money. After trying a few games for free, you will be able to choose the most interesting for you.

Keno games online, as well as bingo, lottery, scratch cards and other simple games await you in this virtual room at SinCity Casino. Different types of lotteries are one of the most popular kinds of games in modern online casinos. Such popularity has accompanied these games ever since their invention hundreds of years ago for a reason. People always liked gambling, where almost nothing needs to be done, but it is possible to get a pretty big win. Who has not dreamed of winning a jackpot in any lottery of a national scale? This is the reason why our casino offers such kind of entertainment, for those people who dare to play lotto online.

Do you also like to play lottery online? Then you should not miss Deep Space Bingo or Keno Classic.

Bingo Lottery is a game that can inspire even the most experienced of players. Its history goes back more than 4 centuries, and its simplicity and dynamism still attracts thousands of fans of «lottery adventures». The essence of the game is as follows: the player receives a card with random numbers - you can take up to 20 cards with 15 numbers on each. The player starts the game by making a bet. 30 balls will fall out one by one from a drum with a total of 90 numbered balls. As the numbers fall out, they are automatically shown on the selected cards. To win, a combination of matching numbers is to be collected on a single card. Combinations are reflected on the payment table on top of the cards, as in all keno games online. The game is really quite simple as it does not require any additional knowledge and skills, but it brings a lot of fun and excitement.

Another game among online bingo games is the classic version of Keno. It is even easier. You will see a field of 80 numbers. Choose any numbers from 1 to 10 and start playing. The computer will pick 20 random numbers from the existing 80. It is then that the most basic principle of most lotteries works: the more numbers you have guessed right, the more you win. The payment table is always visible to the right of the numbers, so you could be sure that if you decide to play lottery online, your winnings will be immediately paid on your account.

Choose a game of your liking, and we will provide you with everything you expect from a good casino when you play lotto online - you have quality software, 24-hour support service, a great selection of games and an intuitive user interface.

We wish you luck and a simple easy win!

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