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Sic Bo
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Summary Game Sic Bo


Sic Bo, also popular as Big-Small, Dai Siu, Hi-Lo and Tai Sai, is a game of chance which is played with three dice. The game was invented in ancient China and it literally translates to “precious dice”. The journey of Sic Bo from ancient China to modern day casinos all over the world has been quite popular. It was initially introduced in the form of Dai Siu in the casinos of Macau and was played as Hi-Lo in the Phillippines. The USA saw its own Sic Bo in the early 20 th century and today, the game can literally be found everywhere, right from the physical casinos around the world to the online casinos and gaming websites. The game requires players to choose from and bet on a certain condition of the dice and if they manage to guess right, they can win attractive winnings for themselves.

Before you proceed

The game offers players with a plethora of betting options and also includes the double up function. The minimum bets have been set at $0.01 and the maximum bets can rise up to $200. The maximum winnings are set at $450 and the RTP has been set at 99.92%.

Game Basics

The game offers players with a number of betting options to choose from. Players can decide to bet on a single roll of dice or on a combination of numbers from all three dice. They can also choose to place a single bet or multiple bets to cover different probabilities and increase the chances of their winnings. To place a bet, the player needs to hold the mouse over the table and select the condition that they want to bet on. Once they have placed their bets and are ready to play, they need to click on the Roll button in order to begin the game. Once the game begins, all three dice are rolled at once. If the result matches the player bets, they are offered with a payout based on the preset conditions. However, if they do not match the conditions, the entire bet amount is forfeited. The game also offers the Rebet and Rebetx2 option to make the gameplay faster for players.

The Verdict

With a super fast gameplay, the evergreen dice concept and exciting payouts, the popularity of Sic Bo knows no bounds. It is one of the best dice games on the planet and the wide range of possibilities and endless winnings ensure that players stay engrossed with the game for months. All in all, a must try for anyone looking for a game that has something to do with the roll of dice and chance.


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