Lotto jackpot. How to win?
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Lotto jackpot. How to win

Lotto jackpotMany people have often wondered what the secret is to winning a lotto game. Some people have a system of numbers while others prefer the random numbers option while some have a system based on previous draws. When it comes to the actual secret of winning well I guess that is something that the winners generally keep to themselves but many experts will tell you that in order to improve your chances it is advisable to use a system of some sort or another as opposed to random chance number selection.

For those who are wondering "how to win the lotto jackpot", here is an example of some systems that are commonly used to improve your chances:

  • Using a consistent set of numbers every draw. Mathematically speaking your odds of winning go up every time your selected numbers are not drawn. This is a locked in system where any change will impact on the mathematical chances improvement.
  • The good old random selection method. Many people consider the odds of winning a lottery type game to be very remote and simple trust their luck with randomly selected numbers chosen either by them or by machine.
  • Previous history selection. This method incorporates a little research work and lets the player select numbers based on how many times they have previously been drawn. This is by far the best method, mathematically speaking, for selecting numbers.

Super lotto jackpotIf you are about to ask which method brings about the best results then think again. Everybody sees this differently and the proof of the pudding is a secret known only to the winners.

For those who are wondering how the lottery jackpots are calculated or what is the lotto jackpot; it is an amount based on the number of tickets sold plus anything left over from a previous draw minus the percentage taken by the lotto organizer.

If you are looking for a super lotto jackpot then you need to play one of the biggest money games such as Mega Millions or Powerball from the US, Euromillions from Europe or one on the many country specific games which can be found either in your local country or are available online.

If you are wondering what the current lotto jackpot stands at then you will have to check the information which can always be found online as jackpots fluctuate upwards as tickets are sold and days go by, right up until the draw. Rough estimates are always on display near to where tickets are sold. With any luck you might just be the next highest lotto jackpot ticket holder!!


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