Largest lottery jackpot winners
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Largest lottery jackpot winners

Largest lottery jackpot winnerLottery jackpot winners come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. The only skill required to win a lottery is the ability to buy a ticket and pick a few numbers depending on the kind of draw chosen. A prime example of this is the largest ever single ticket winner in history; Mrs Gloria C. Mackenzie, from Zephyrhills Florida, who at the age of 84 became an overnight household name across America. Her Powerball win of around $590 million came from a simple "quick pick" ticket purchased from her local supermarket. As the largest lottery jackpot winner her life and family will never be the same again and it just goes to highlight one of the best parts of playing the lottery: It could be you!

How long does it take to receive lottery jackpot winnings? Well this again depends on the type of draw you have entered and in what country and the type of prize. For example the US powerball gives you 60 days to choose your payment type and can be claimed within 1 year of purchase. Some jackpots are also paid out through a monthly or annual payment system. But for the majority of lotteries the jackpot is generally paid after the company has investigated your win for authenticity and have checked the winner to make sure that they conform to the minimum playing requirements (i.e age). Once your claim has been processed you should receive your win. For large jackpot the company will be in contact with you to arrange a ceremony should you wish one.


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